Hi I'm Kerry. I love Jesus, cooking, music, Wezley, travelling, nursing, and being alive.



i love music - it makes me happy, makes me sad, makes me feel loved, makes me feel lonely.  i’ve been a Christian a long time now, i can admit i’ve made a lot of mistakes but i’ve never given up on God and i love him so much for never giving up on me. i’m a massive dog person: dogs everyday all day. part time pescatarian. i love Nandos, mangoes and any Thai food. i watch too many films. ice skating is my love, i feel more at home on ice than on ground. my hair is constantly changing colour, length and style because i get bored easily. my friends and family are seriously my rock, and i do not know what i would do without my church family.<3 i’m a type one diabetic. America feels like home - i cannot wait to be a Senior Counsellor at Camp Allegheny 2014 - but i call Norfolk/London home. im going to study nursing this september at Kings College London. Wezley Ireland-Goodson is my best friend & my boyfriend all wrapped up in one<3